A downloadable game for Windows

Ascend Clouds

Language : C#
Engine: Unity3D


The goal of this work is to make our version of a Boss fight. The main rule are that the developer team must not exceed three developers and the fight must last between three and ten minutes. We have implemented two phases: the first one was a tutorial phase and the second one was the fight against the boss.


Hansotte Joachim (programmer)
Benjamin Lefevre (programmer)
Rodrigue Maurouard (programmer)

Special thanks:

Thevenard Quentin (Environnement)
Augustin Grassien (Fx)
Lucas Stinson (Ambiance)
Theophile Loaec (Animations)
Simon Romain ( Character Modelling)

My other project:


Install instructions

  • Requirement:
    • Xbox gamepad or compatible
  • Unzip documents
  • Click on Ascend Cloud.exe file
  • Have fun !!!!!!!!


AscendCloudsGame.zip 39 MB

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